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So often people come to this blog, read whatever post is most recent or just linked to, join in the discussion, and make it clear to me and everyone else participating that they have some serious learning to do. Many times, in the midst of a discussion, I find myself saying to someone, “Go read X posts on this topic so I don’t have to explain things all over again.” It’s usually the same posts. In an effort to make my life easier and provide new visitors to this blog a way to get a sense of my views, I’ve created this Reading List.

Why is it Required? Because if, in the midst of a heated debate, you refuse to educate yourself on the topics by reading what I and many others already had to say, then you’re probably not worth engaging with.

Not all of these posts are mine. Posts by others are marked as such. This list will grow and change with time.

Anger Does Not Equal Hate

How Prejudice and Bias Works

A Concise history of race relations in the USA – Comic by Ampersand

How to Suppress Discussions of Racism (by coffeeandink — this is an archived copy, I’ll point to the original when it comes back online) – Read this before wading in, you’d be surprised how often everything you have to say has already been said.

How Not To Be Insane When Accused Of Racism (A Guide For White People) also by Ampersand.


-ISMs & -ISTs

Color Blindness

The Race Card

White Liberal Guilt

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