On News & Notes today

Later this afternoon I’m heading down to my local NPR studio to take part in News & Notes Black Blogger’s Roundtable. If you’re not familiar with News & Notes, the roundtables are segments where bloggers or reporters, etc., discuss a few news items and give take on them or the media response or something similar.

I’m pretty excited about taking part and quite honored that they asked me. As I have mentioned recently, News & Notes is one of my favorite radio shows. Apparently one of the producers is a fan of this blog!

Check your local station’s schedule to see when the show is broadcast (usually mid-day). If you’ll be at work or your station doesn’t broadcast the show, you can listen online after 4pm est, I think.

ETA: the streaming audio is now online.  I discussed black military enrollment, blackface and tacky Halloween costume, Oprah’s new YouTube channel, and money issues surrounding Jena 6 donations with Farai Chideya, Monroe Anderson, and Anthony Bradley.
The segment went really well and I enjoyed myself.  I even got to go to WNYC’s offices and join the discussion from a studio.  I felt quite fancy!