Moving Day!

Heads up fans and friends! The Angry Black Blog is moving!  Not a big move — it’s still going to be at, but the blog will no longer be hosted at I’m putting it on my own server, instead.  I’m going to do the physical move Friday, the DNS will probably be propagating Saturday and Sunday. Monday everything should be back to normal.

Sometime this weekend you may notice changes – the theme/template will likely change a lot, you may see a few ads appear, suddenly there will be little pictures at the tops of posts. But it will still be us doing what we do.

If you could please take a moment to check and see if you have any links on your sidebars or heavily trafficked posts to URLs beginning with If so, please take out .wordpress since now those links will not automatically redirect to

Also, I would hold off commenting after Friday evening, just in case you’re not seeing the correct version of the blog.

That is all.  Monday begins a spate of much more regular blogging!

Moderated Comments

There was a huge backlog of moderated comments. Sorry, everyone! I’ve fallen behind. But now everything should be up unless it went to actual spam. I’ll wade through that soon, too.

Any readers in NYC interested in having drinks?

I’m considering having an ABW NYC gathering since I know a few of you live in the city  Maybe on a Friday night we could gather at some watering hole and talk about how the white man is keeping us down or something :)  Anyone interested?

I draw the line at Twittering

However, I have caved into pressure to put up an artist/writer page on Facebook.  Here it is. I’m not entirely sure what to do with it yet, but you can become my “fan”, start discussions there, write on my wall, and some other stuff.  If you’re on Facebook, that is.

Some Changes Afoot

Some of you may have noticed that a couple of weeks ago the URL in the title bar changed from to  This is step one in a series of small changes that will allow me to move this blog from to a self-hosted wordpress blog.  I’m doing this for several reasons, the main one being so that I can add (a very few) advertisements to the site.  I’m not about to go insane and fill the sidebars with a bunch of flashing ads and generate “sponsored posts” or anything like that.  Just one or two, probably from the BlogHer ad network.

As we go through this transition, you shouldn’t see any major changes.  Right now all links to will automatically redirect.  However, in about 4 months they won’t.  So if you have any links to pages or posts on this blog, could you please take a moment to delete the ‘.wordpress’ part now?  This way when I do move to my own server, all links will continue to work.

That’s pretty much it for now.  I have a couple of posts rattling around in my brain that will go up next week.  And hopefully I’ll get back on a regular posting schedule soon.

Looking for Editors & Writers

Please note, this is not for the ABW blog but for a different project I’m involved in.  Please pass it around, link, and repost it as appropriate.

We’re looking for editors (or writers with some editorial background) to manage the content for 3 – 5 categories on a social networking site devoted to social responsibility. Editors will manage original content, newsfeeds, blogs and forums. They will also seek out third-party experts and find information relating to assigned topics. Editors report to the Project Manager, but are expected to work with little supervision and a lot of initiative.


  • Review newsfeeds that have been indexed into assigned categories in the content management system for accuracy and appropriateness.
  • Edit headline and summary of news items to match site style.
  • Maintain and write original content for assigned categories and sub-topics. Content sources include writers assigned to your categories and third-party experts (articles or interviews). Depending on the amount of information or number of news feeds in each category and sub-category, some sections will have new original content each day.
  • Moderate blog comment threads and forums in the assigned categories.
  • Identify new subject matter experts, blogs, or news sources that should be included in the assigned categories.

Categories/Topics include a variety of social justice/social responsibility areas, including women’s issues, human rights (which encompasses civil rights, minorities, LGBT issues, etc.), the environment, aging/seniors, animal welfare, poverty, health and wellness, humanitarian efforts, socially responsible investing, and charitable giving.


Background writing and/or editing content for the Internet or print publications. 1 – 4 years experience preferred.

Experience using content management systems or blogging software based on TinyMCE (WordPress, LiveJournal, etc.) strongly preferred.

Experience with Web 2.0 and social networking, particularly management and moderation. You must be comfortable interacting with the project teams online via instant messaging, mailing lists, and wikis.

Strong interest in social causes. Non-profit background preferred but not required.

Ability to manage time and people effectively.

The position is part time, and will require approximately 15 – 20 hours per week. This is a contract position, mostly telecommuting. We’re especially interested in people in the NYC metro area, upstate New York, and Connecticut, but we’ll consider applicants regardless of location. Compensation is based on experience. We’re looking for applicants of all ages and backgrounds.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to the HR Director: editorjob–at–amity360–dot–com. In the subject line, please include: Editor/Writer Position. Please send cover letters in the body of the email. Attach resumes in doc, rtf, or pdf formats only or include a link to an online copy.

Lies, All Lies!

Oh, best intentions!

Due to the fact that I have a record amount of work to do (setting up a store for a new client, plus getting to things that were not gotten to before WisCon) my post is delayed! sadness. Never fear, it is coming, as soon as I have the sparest of spare minutes :)