Countdown to the Inauguration: ABW Arrives in DC

I held off on mentioning this until I was sure it would be a reality, but now it can be told: I’m attending the Inauguration of President Obama! Yay!

I just arrived in DC on the Chinatown bus and am waiting in a Starbucks for my cousin to pick me up. More family arrives tomorrow and hooking up with other family will happen Monday. Tuesday we all make the long trek to the Inauguration site, and then sometime late that night I go home. It’ll be an intense few days, but I am very excited.

This morning the bus was packed with young, politically charged people excited for the festivities. And when we arrived in DC, about 4 buses came in short succession, all filled to the brim with people.

Today I plan to chill at my cousin’s and get some work done while waiting for my other family. Tomorrow we have to go into DC proper to get our tickets and I’m sure someone has plans for doing something.

But Tuesday after the swearing in and parades and such, I have a lot of time to kill and must stay in DC as my bus leaves at 11:30pm. (I might try to get on an earlier bus, depending.) If any readers out there are going to be in the city and maybe want to hook up at a party or something, or are hosting a party of your own, let me know! I may not be too tired. :)

More information as it comes (and pictures!). I’ll be liveblogging the ceremony if the weather allows.

ABW NYC Meetup *This* Friday

Sorry if I confused folks last week making you think that I meant I wanted to meet for drinks last Friday.  I was just asking, in general, if there would be interest.  Looks like there is :)  So now let’s make it official:

NYC folks, let’s meet for drinks this Friday evening, December 12, at 6PM.  (You can come later if you need to — I might be a little late, depending on work, but nojojojo will probably be there at 6.)  The Place?  UnWined on 95th street and Broadway. (It’s in the same building as Symphony Space, but the entrance is a little down the way on 95th.)  They have all you can drink sangria on Friday nights.  The food is a little expensive for what you get, but is good.  I’ll call them and see if we can reserve a space, but generally I usually score a space on the couches facing the windows.

Next time we do this, which will probably be in early January, we can do it on a Saturday for those folks who can’t come out on Friday nights.