Nothing Says Internet Popularity Like

Being linked to from a White Supremacist website. Happy Monday!

ETA: Wow, if you all could see my moderation queue right now.

This is the kind of thing that makes people leave the Internet. It really is. I went through a good chunk of my early life never encountering any blatant racism. I’m sure there was some, but my young, naiveté, and probably my parents shielded me from most of it. No one ever called me a Nigger, or said I couldn’t do something because I was black, or anything like that.

I got to wait until I was all grown up for things like that to happen.

But even still, I don’t think I ever encountered the kind of raw, ignorant, stupid, dangerous, and hurtful hate due specifically to my heritage and skin color until I started this blog. I have been called a Nigger 47 times today. TODAY. And it’s not fucking over yet.

This is the kind of thing that turns people militant.

This is the kind of thing that makes people scared for their well being.

This is the kind of thing that silences voices, and I cannot lay any blame on anyone who chooses silence in the face of this.

This is the kind of thing that makes me a FUCKING ANGRY BLACK WOMAN.

I am not only angry because you have the gall to come here calling me names and telling racist lies yet saying I am the hateful, racist one. I am angry because you don’t want anything but to see me hurt and silenced and shamed, and I will not be. I am angry because it is people like your dumb asses that give white people a bad name. I am angry because it’s due to people like you that we can’t move forward as a culture and a country on race relations. Because for every rational, well-educated and well-informed person who wishes not only to understand, but to make things right, there are 20 of you throwbacks trying to drag the conversation down and everyone into the 1930’s.

Fuck you. And fuck that.

This blog isn’t for you or about you. And if you’re pissed that I won’t let you air your opinions, I couldn’t give less of a care than I do right now. This is not your space, it’s mine. And no, I won’t be coming over there to “discuss” anything with you, because you don’t want a discussion.

You think MY blog is racist and hateful, people? Go visit Stormfront and learn what real hate and racism is like. And if you don’t find it completely objectionable over there, then don’t bother coming back. We do not want you.

You wanted to see me angry? THIS IS ME ANGRY.

Daughter of ETA: Two things. First, the blog is currently set so that folks who don’t have an approved comment go straight to moderation. (This is to keep me from having to delete the Stormfront assholes from the posts. As it is, I’m the only one seeing their messages.) However, this also means any messages of support aren’t showing up right away. Never fear, I will approve non-evil comments when I can. (Nora and Karynthia might, as well, if they happen to be online.)

Second, thank you to everyone coming by posting messages of support and solidarity. I will have to revise my ratio of allies to assholes, because so far there are at least as many messages from you as from them, and that’s only because they had a head start. You are all awesome and I cannot state strongly enough how much I appreciate your words.

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  1. “you don’t want anything but to see me hurt and silenced and shamed, and I will not be. ”

    BRAVO!!! I don’t know what else to say but to just sit here and clap. I’m sorry you have to deal with all that horrible, racist shit. But I love you for not being cowed by any of it. YOU GO!

    And I’ll join you in giving a big FUCK YOU to all those bastards in the moderation queue. I mean, Jesus H. Christ, 47 times? If that’s a measure of how threatened they are by you, I guess that makes you one very successful blogger, huh? Don’t ever stop, ABW.


  2. Awesome, ABW. Is there anything we can do to help with the moderation?

    I echo Ico: FUCK YOU, assholes.

  3. “We do not want you.”

    No, we surely do not, and I will gladly back up ABW to say so.

    I’m a new reader here, but a long-time blog-reader, and the kind of vitriol you’re addressing is always stunning when it erupts online. I hope that with every ignorant, intolerant, insane comment you delete, your anger burns cleaner and cleaner until it is your fuel to keep writing what you do here.

  4. *Gives you a standing ovation*

  5. I’m sorry these asshats are getting under your skin.

    Stay strong, and stay yourself.


  6. You’re strength is so inspiring and you have many, many people who love your blog and get strength for our own fights from it.

    Your words have truth and power and that scares some assholes.

    Keep at it!

  7. thank you for saying this. it needed to be said.

  8. <<<>>>> Yee hawww!!!!

    Keep to it ABW!

  9. Thank you for calling them out on their bullshit, and letting us know, and not being silenced.
    How can we help you?

  10. Gotta love incompetents who think that name-calling is a way to “win at life,” as one of my students puts it. Or, you know, not.

    Bravo to you, ABW, for not giving in. The terrorists will have won, not when we stop buying SUVs, but when we stop standing up for justice and reality.

  11. 100 times yes! My strategy is to laugh the name callers off as best as I can because all they want is to provoke you, knowing their words are damaging. I don’t want to give into that, and I’m glad you’re not either, ABW. Still, for any sistah to be subjected to this crap, 47m-effin times, I’m sorry you are dealing with it. I appreciate your blog, your anger, and being big enough to try and still have meaningful disscussions despite that. So, thanks.

  12. Please hang in there.

    Nothing is more pathetic than anonymous cowards spewing racist crap.

  13. […] at the Angry Black Woman’s Blog White Supremacists have tried to silence her by using the horribly disgusting and hateful N-word. […]

  14. i got your back. just say the word.

  15. Let me know if you’re planning to go offline a bit; I’ll back you up.

    Stupid fucks. ::sigh:: Only way to deal with ’em, though, since we’re not allowed to shoot ’em.

  16. FUCK YOU!

    Hope y’all can read.

    You fuck with her, you fuck with me. Ain’t backing down.

  17. You go ABW…keep your head up against these ignorant muthafuckas, especially on your own blog! Just think..if you got called n*gger over 47 times today, wait ’til Barack Obama becomes president!!

  18. Nora, you’re my kind of woman.

  19. ABW, you have my support. You’ve certainly taught me a thing or two (or many more) with the work you do here, and I hope you don’t let hateful jerks prevent you from continuing. If you feel you do need to reflect in silence, know that you have uncovered the righteous anger in others who can help beat the ignorance back.

  20. I am also one of your many fans, and will always support you and your blog.

    The world can definitely stand more people like you. If you ignore all the cheese that usually comes in these statements, you’re kind of my role model. Lol that’s corny, but really, I wish I had half the strength as you to face the crap the world throws out.

  21. Been reading for a while but never posted. Why am I posting now? Because of something either you or someone else wrote in a recent comment on perceived “gaps” between white and black and someone struggling to empathize across that “chasm”. I don’t have to be black to know racist assholes when I see them, and I’m not going to condone their behavior by silence either. They can kiss my hairy ass.

    Way to go, Angry Black Woman! Keep up the good work!

  22. Thing is, I don’t believe there’re 20 of them for every one of us (black or white or other) who wants to make things right; I think there’s actually somewhat fewer of them. But for each white supremacist (and for each person of any color who wants to make things right) there are 20 nice, well-meaning, but privileged and entitled white people who thing “racism is bad” but have no idea whatsoever that real racism exists, or what it’s like to be a target of it. Or how much they have benefited from their European coloring, and from not having centuries of slavery and legally enforced poverty limiting every aspects of the parents’ and grandparents’ and great-great-great-grandparents’ lives.

    And while some of those folks do shade into conscious, intent-based racism… most of them are simply clueless and unsympathetic. And as frustrating as clueless lack of sympathy may be… I believe these people can be reached. Sometimes I even believe they secretly want to be reached.

    But these true racists? They act like cornered dogs: scary as hell, capable of inflicting a lot of serious damage; but it’s because they know they are outnumbered and losing.

    I sincerely hope you and the rest of your regulars make it through this without harm, and without having to resort to silence.

  23. Hey.

    Angry racist white men.

    Got an attitude with a black woman who has an opinion? Shove it up your ass.

  24. I’ve met a few white supremacist types in my time, and, horrible though it may sound, I can’t help but have a tiny bit of sympathy for them. Their world view is so monstrously warped that they seem to spend their entire time getting angry and depressed and so forth over shit that they basically made up in their heads. It’s like a mental illness, it really is. Thankfully, most of them are also stupid and extremely cowardly. Only dangerous in groups. Bring tear gas.

    Not saying they don’t deserve a good beating of course. But then, so many people do…

  25. I’m been here for a while but this is my second comment.

    ABW, please know, that I really support and admire your efforts!

    You can do it.

    We can do it.

    Yes, We Can!

  26. This is a horrible situation to have to deal with but I think you’re doing a great job. Keep up the great work and let me know if there’s anything I can do.


  27. Count me in on the standing ovation for ABW. THANK YOU for not being silenced. Fucking asshole white supremacists.

  28. (((ABW)))

    I’m sorry assholes are trying to take over your space. Keep writing–we got your back.

  29. You are a powerful writer and amazing thoughtful deep thinker.

    Screw racist haters.
    Racists. Yes YOU. Racist haters.
    Screw YOU.

    Keep your head up, ABW–we’re all here with you.

  30. ABW stated: “I am angry because it is people like your dumb asses that give white people a bad name. ”

    ABW, yes, as you well know, there are us white folks who hold our fellow citizens of color in high esteem and who seek to meaningfully invest in our communities and combat the social ills we have been the recipients of.

    I am a semi-regular over at Rachel’s Tavern and Prof Rachel gets it too.

    All Best and Keep up the good work.


  31. Here via bfp, and new to this blog. I haven’t had time to go back and read old posts, but even so, thought I’d leave a comment of support in your moderation queue of doom.

    Fuck racist haters and white supremacists. They’re not on the side with the angels, and they know it. Their hate and anger will poison them in the end.

  32. I’d just like to add my own voice to this beautiful chorus of FUCK YOUs to the asshats who are in the moderation queue.

    Hang in there ABW…you’re incredible!

  33. What the ??? I don’t blame you either if it silences you, but I don’t think it will. :) You are better than this ish… go on and do what you do. You must be doing something right to have gained such ire! Much love to you! :)

  34. Maybe we can all chip in and buy these inbreeds a deeper gene pool?

    ABW, I have your back if you need anything.

  35. A few things to note about the overt racist types:

    1. They’re pretty dumb. That’s meant as an observation, not an insult. I mean, they seem to have a low capability for learning or engaging in dialogue. For example, they don’t seem to be able to respond to an argument, but instead just post more random propaganda without any relevance to the actual argument. The only time they seem to quote from a post is to make an ad hom attack on the post’s author.

    2. They don’t seem to know very much. From the history of IQ tests to how to format in HTML, the white supremicists just seem like they’re fairly ignorant.

    3. They’re cowards. The KKK wears robes with masks, even when they’re among allies, for a reason. This doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous, unfortunately. They can be. But they’ll run from an open confrontation. Calling someone “n–“* and running away is more their style. Or harassing that person. If they do start harassing you and there is anything we, the readers, can do to help, please ask.

    *My own inhibitions make me not want to spell the word out. Sorry if that’s dumb or giving it too much power. Also I don’t want to get caught in the spam filter.

  36. If you (or people like) you get silenced by this, the rest of us lose. Rant on, ABW.

  37. So sorry you have to deal with this hate and stupidity. Just remember that there are people who support you, admire you, and love you.

  38. Just popped over from Jay Lake’s blog on lj.

    Some people really have no clue. *sigh* And they’re the lot who don’t see anything wrong with yet another Jewish cemetary being desecrated. Last Saturday. In London. The capital city of what’s arguably the most tolerant country on this planet.

    Just wanted to let you know that this white British woman is backing you all the way. Ignorance, prejudice, racism, sexism, all have no place in a civilized society. And the only sane and reasonable response to them is anger. So you be as angry as you like – I’ll be there shouting with you.

  39. The only thing I quibble with is the one rational to 20 cretins – even the voting stats argue that the numbers are pushing closer to 1-1 which is exactly why the cretins fears are going up…it is precisely because they are losing their numbers that their fear escalates

  40. Hang on in there. They have limited attention spam. Also the more crap they spew the more you win.

  41. Much love and support. I’m too angry to post much more than this… so much love and support.

  42. Just one more white person saying that I’ve got your back, ABW, and that racist bullshit has no place in this world. I am seriously furious that those people came over here to yell at you and intimidate you. Good for you for telling them to piss off. :)

    And if you white supremacist types are still lurking here, you don’t speak for me. You don’t speak for all white people. And you know nothing about racism because you perpetrate it. So stop going where you’re clearly not wanted just so you can cause trouble.

  43. ABW, you are amazing. Thank you for staying strong, and for refusing to be silenced. Your conviction is inspiring.

  44. Those asshats make blue-green algae seem evolved. Thank you for your candor.

  45. Keep speaking your piece, sis. You have said what so many of us have wanted to say for a long time. We need more like you. If people are beginning to feel threatened, then you are doing your job well. I commend you.

  46. Thank you for being strong and standing fast. You are not alone.

    For my part, as a white person, I speak out against racism and try to root out its nastiness when I see it in myself. Let’s face it, white people are the ones with the problem here.

    Let me repeat that: white people are the ones with the problem here.

    We should be able to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps, learn some manners and some respect for other people, and stop relying on corporate welfare, alumni preferences in admissions, and all the other special programs to consolidate white power. I know that a lot of the self-avowed white supremacists are not privileged by class, but they sure as hell have a sense of entitlement instead of a sense of awareness, compassion, and cooperation. Hey, Aryan Nation: Black people are not the ones who are screwing you over six ways from Sunday. The people with the power and money are overwhelmingly male and pale.

  47. BRAVO!!! You stand up and everyone wins. Don’t let the bastards get you down — I too was an adult before anyone told me I couldn’t because I of what I am (female) — and I was amazed.

    Thank you for not being silenced!

  48. Came here through Bfp. I stand in solidarity with Angry Black Woman. Angry commenters who cannot take the least bit of (true) criticism need to fucking grow up and take a reality check. This isn’t about you and your butthurt ego, assholes.

  49. Sorry these people had to jump all over you and make a bad day worse. The anonymity of the Internet makes it easier for cowardly people to say things that they wouldn’t be able to say to your face.

    If you weren’t making an impact on people, they probably would ignore you. However, they see you as a threat to them, and them attacking you means they’re scared of you and your influence–which is a good thing. Keep ’em trembling!

  50. This white girl is angry and sickened.

    ABW, I can’t know how this feels, but I’m glad you’re not letting these arseholes silence you.

  51. Seems like it’s all been said upthread … as for the moderation queue, can you set up a kill-file for their IP addresses, or have they (in spite of their obvious stupidity) managed to hide their address? Thank you for keeping us-all from having to read the vile garbage, but it would be better if nobody had to, neh?

  52. Another white person wanting to show you support, here. I popped over from capiscumanuum’s blog on lj. This is terrible, that these people are trying to intimidate you!

  53. I’m really sorry this is happening to you. I’ve been linked to Stormfront before and they’re just awful. I hope you keep blogging but I know it’s hard in the face of this bigotry and nastiness. They fear what you’re writing about and the discussions you have here. But often that can be scary for bloggers too.

    I had to shut comments off last year because most of mine are hateful including racist and misogynist. Still, someone’s seen fit this past week to send me emails about being a “bitter cunt” and bragging on other sites that I can’t find them b/c they hide behind other ISPs including those of porn sites.

    They’re trying to distract and make you stop. And it’s hard not to, because it has a cumulative effect too and it wears you down. But I hope you keep blogging. And I’ll have your back too. I think your site is wonderful.

  54. Is it possible to be racist and not sexist?

    It seems the two go together.

    Along with other serious personality disorders.

    Love, C.

  55. As a white man, I’d just like to state for the record that those little bastards don’t speak for me. I think the work you’re saying here is important (including — and maybe especially — the parts I disagree with) and I admire and respect you for doing it.

    They say you can judge a person by their enemies. If that’s true, the Stormfront Cadre speak pretty well of you. If they’re exercised and up in arms about you, you’ve got to be doing *something* right, no?

  56. “Because for every rational, well-educated and well-informed person who wishes not only to understand, but to make things right, there are 20 of you throwbacks trying to drag the conversation down and everyone into the 1930’s.”

    I hope your ratio is wrong… I hope it’s for every thousand rational people, there is one weirdo on a website for kooks attacking people he doesn’t know in a flame war. I’m sorry they all found you this week. They all have rocks, let’s hope they crawl back under, and soon.

  57. Brownfemipower sent me here and I like what I read of your writing. I suppose it’s good to have the right enemies. I mean, if being hated by cowardly anonymous bullies is bad, being ignored by them would probably be worse and being accepted by them would be worst of all. All of their ugliness means that you’re doing a good job. I know they’re making it hard, but that’s what they’re trying to do. Fuck em.

  58. Just dropping off some support, ABW. I rarely speak up here but if there’s anything I can do, just say the word.

  59. Well said! I hope you realize that there are many people of many colors standing alongside you.

  60. […] Racists Harassing ABW Large numbers of racist jackasses are aggressively harassing the Angry Black Woman. […]

  61. I, too came here via Jay Lake’s LiveJournal.

    Put me down as another person offering support.

    As an out GWM, I’ve had to deal with my own occasional chorus from the stupids, but nothing like what you describe. Makes me furious to hear about it.

  62. You know I’ve got your back.

    Not only white, but Southern. We’re not all idiots.

  63. Because I am curious like the proverbial cat, I actually went to the Stormfront site… and now feel the need to shower. Repeatedly. With bleach.

    I’d say don’t these assclowns intimidate you, ABW — but I know it’s not necessary. You’re much stronger and smarter than they could ever hope to be. And you’ve got a hell of a lot of good, strong, smart people on your side.

  64. their hatred of us only shows how deeply they fear us. they have a reason to, because we can’t be silenced. your strength and courage in the face of their bullshit is exactly what we need. you are doing SURVIVAL WORK for us. bravo, bravo, please keep some hope alive knowing that there is a groundswell of people behind you that need you. thank you. thank you so much.

  65. [applause]

    You tell them, my sister.

    ALL of us are diminished by unreasoning hate and foaming-at-the-mouth namecalling aimed at something different from yourself. Not that this will matter to the kind of person you’re talking about, ABW. But the more it IS said the more rational people might start believing it, and speaking out against it. You go, girlfriend.

  66. Dropping a line to show my support. And – putting you on my list of daily blogs to read. Because they can’t shout you down.

  67. I am so sorry you have to go through that over and over but massive props on not letting it silence you or shame you because that’s what it’s all about. They call us those names to keep us in fear to keep us low and brava for not allowing them to use these age-old tactics on you.

  68. A vote of support from across the pond.

    As a white man, this makes me both angry and sad. Keep the faith: not all of us are idiots.

  69. I got linked here from Jay Lake ( He’s one of the good guys, promise.

    I wanted to say that I admire you for facing this kind of onslaught and not giving up.

    I can well imagine the massive migraine this sort of blantant FAIL must be giving you.

    I wanted to voice my support, because I believe you’re doing the right thing. Which tends to anger and upset those who are doing all the wrong things.

    Please, never give up. The world needs your kind of courage, conviction, and spirit more than ever.

  70. Viva ABW and the people who came over to support. This unamerican white gal is with you too.

  71. Heard about this via Tom @ Automatic Preference, you’ve got my support & solidarity (and I’m a pasty English chap), blogrolling.

  72. […] Solidarity, Racists Attack! 8 April, 2008 — RickB Via Tom @ Automatic Preference, Angry Black Woman blog is under attack by racist white supremacist scum. She responded to Pat Buchanan’s idiot […]

  73. Throwing in my support and peace to you.


  74. I’m sorry this shit came your way.
    Wishing you the best.

  75. I’m so sorry you’re have to dealing with crap like this, and I’m sending lots of supportive thoughts your way.

  76. ABW- Another show of support for you. If you decide to go slient for a bit, know that we understand why and cannot fault you for that. If there is anything I can do to show support or help out, please ask.

  77. Gah. Gah gah gah. I’ll echo Mary Robinette: here’s another white Southerner who’s got your back.

  78. Yes, Yes, Yes! Don’t let the (*%&#$% grind you down! I read often (but don’t comment, anywhere, often) and your work is so valuable in keeping consciousness raised (to use a very old expression).

  79. I feel you, I was called the n-word some weeks ago and still battling nonsense over it. I posted about the person on my blog and I did not hear the end of it. I am also throwing in my support because I grew up in a different country where race didnt seem to matter, just what we knew.

    It’s pretty sad people still use the N word.
    BTW, I love your blog and I am subscribed :-D.

  80. Here from Bfp.

    The more I read, the angrier I get at those racist fuckwads. I don’t know how you do what you do in the face of this kind of vileness, but you have my full support.

    Hey fuckheads: You Do Not Speak For Me.

  81. I just wanted to add myself to the “support” column. I hope you don’t give up blogging. This site is a regular part of my day. I’d have a much harder time of it if I didn’t have places like this to go to for insightful commentary from people of color. By the way, doesn’t it seem like these morons are organized? I’ve seen other examples where all of a sudden a hundred of them attack at exactly the same time. It just seems unlikely that such an intense attack in such a compact timeframe would happen without some sort of organization behind it.

  82. Another White Southern Woman on your side, T.

    Hang in there and don’t let them get to you!


  83. Hey, you. I’m so sorry you’re getting mobbed by the stupid and ineducable. But it looks like the support is strong, and I’d like to add to it. You are completely awesome, and the things you have to say are important. We’re listening. That’s why those craven idiots are mad.

  84. Can I volunteer to wade through the hateful shit and separate the crap from the real comments? Lemme know.

    Every once in a while white power assholes show up on my Irish or celtic/gaelic lists. They are corrosive and insane and idiotic. I’d love to subvert their agenda by having you NOT see the messages they hope to hurt you with.

  85. Here via a link from Eric Marin at Live Journal, with some more support from a white southwesterner. I’m so sorry you have to go through this awful crap but I’m glad you aren’t going to let it silence your blog. Go you!

  86. I am so sorry you are having to face such hatefulness, and so glad you are not being silenced by it. If it seems likely to tip over from hate speech to physical attacks, please, please don’t hesitate to report it to the police.

  87. Jay Lake sent me here, too…. another supporter cheering you on, thanking you for not being silenced, and throwing on a side order of “Good grief, I’m so sorry you’re having to put up with this crap.”


  88. Just wanted to send some love & some appreciation of your work.

    ::hugs:: if you want some hugs (or not if not).

  89. What stupid, hateful, useless people. I’m so sorry for these attacks. I found yesterday’s post incredibly illuminating. Your anger is an awesome thing.

  90. Just another statement of support for this most excellent blog. I’m very sorry to hear you’re getting hit with this crap, but unfortunately I am not surprised (after that truly great response to the inane Pat Buchanan idiocy).

  91. Another standing ovation..!

  92. Hey, I’m sorry this is going on but remember just let that anger work for you and against them.

  93. I’ve never commented here before, but this post is a good reason to start.

    I’m sorry you have to deal with so many folks who just can’t muster up enough manners act decently and normally.

    Your blog is excellent, your posts are interesting and intelligent, and your sense of humor is entertaining (and astonishing, given the circumstances).

    Great work! Keep it up! I’ll be back to read you again soon.

  94. Asalam aleikum sister

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re getting racist abuse from monosyllabic ignor-anuses.

    Unfortunately the US is still one of the most divided nations on the planet. take a city like chicago for example.There is deep seated racism there that I have never experienced in all my years of living in Europe, especially having a muslim name.
    I cant help but think that the US would have been a far better place had Malcolm X not been assassinated. May Allah accept Malcolm X in his gardens of Paradise for ever…ameen.

    Peace sis


  95. A lesbian blog on wordpress wants you to let those f*ckers have it!!!! I’m sorry that you are having problems with trash like that. Keep your voice loud and clear!

  96. Fuck them. The internet is full of hateful, ignorant assholes up on anonymous power trips. You’re stronger than them, and what you do is important.

  97. It makes me sick to think of you having to read that garbage.

    When faced with people like that, I try to make myself feel better by realizing that every single hateful day of their lives, those people have to wake up and be who they are: rotten, miserable, uneducated people who bring shame on the human race.

    Do not let them silence you.

  98. It’s times like this that I really believe we’ll never reach a point where racism will be completely eliminated. When people are filled with dissatisfaction with themselves and their lives they will always look somewhere to lash out their insecurities and unfortunately picking a group by skin color is an easy path to take. What they don’t realize is the more they go down that road of self-loathing and outward hate the less it “satisfies” that longing inside themselves.

    Glad to see you’re standing firm in your beliefs.

  99. please keep your head up! I just want you to know that you are totally supported i really appreciate you putting out there and talking about things that i am feeling or thinking and either don’t have the time or don’t have the words to put it out there…
    I really hope that you continue to do what you do and truly hope that you don’t let this pull you down…

  100. Now THIS is some sass I can get behind.


  101. It is quite unfortunate that racism is still so prevalent that a post such as this is still necessary and still rings true to a degree. Life is far too short and filled with far too many other obstacles to continually have racism in the forefront. Racism is unnecessary regardless of ones race. …from a fed-up Human-Being!!

  102. I get people like that over the phone, minus the name calling. I had a real winner the other night while I was working, he started by telling me he was drunk, and proceeded to rail about how the ‘Spanish speakers’ are ruining the world.

    I’m not allowed to tell them that my father is Hispanic, my supervisor told me it is rude to the caller.

    Yeah, I think its fucked up too.

  103. I randomly linked to this blog after seeing it on my Dashboard, and I just want to say that I’m truly saddened that there are the “throwbacks” in the world. Just know you have this woman’s support and I hope it helps!

  104. I am a white man who is in a wheelchair so I am a minority, and I write a blog where I do at times discuss the issue of being a minority. And I want to tell you that what you said just now, kicked ass.

  105. I’m so sorry that these hateful, ignorant assholes are invading your blog. I’ve only read your blog occasionally but I liked what I read. You shouldn’t be subjected to these verbal attacks.

  106. ABW:

    you are targeted because you threaten those cowards

    they are ignorant: about race AND about life

    isolationist, narrow-minded, soaked in anger because as the world marches on they cant keep up and THEY ARE LEFT BEHIND.

  107. Someone needs to design a FAIL AT LIFE photo for The Fail Blog to commemorate this incident.

    All that crappy energy stuck in moderation and deleted, phhhhhft. And they were trying to accomplish WHAT, exactly? Intimidate a total stranger? Um, yeah, right: Someone with a handle like Angry Black Woman really CARES what the PAID AGENT PROVACATEURS at False Front – – Excusemio, “Storm Front” – – might think of her. Even they’re not THAT stupid, they know they’d have better luck at Weepy Mouse Woman’s site. More likely they’re just trying to earn their paychecks by starting a flamewar that spills over to other sites.

    OH well. Foiled by the Moderator again! FAIL!

    Roll along boys you’ve failed to earn your paychecks AGAIN. You’ve failed to create your intended shitstorm; try hanging a few more nooses around town. OH WAIT – that didn’t work either! No riots! What kind of agent provacateurs ARE you, anyway? Bad ones apparently. How can we have martial law and a police state if guys like you can’t even incite a FLAME WAR, let alone a race riot?

    Fail at provocateur-ing, fail at life. Figures. Couldn’t get a real job I suppose.

  108. Here via Martha Wells at LiveJournal.

    I don’t know you, but am standing here to give the finger to those subliterate, corner-pissing, racist imbeciles.

    I’m from Oklahoma. I know their revolting ilk quite well. What other commenters have said is true: they are barking like chained dogs because they know they and their ignorant brethren are members of a dying breed.

    My sympathies. Dying or not, it’s not dying fast enough.

  109. It sucks that a willingness to be aggressively hateful can have such a distorted impact on the world, when it’s so obviously a sign of arrested development. Please don’t let those loud voices drown out the quieter reality, which is that ultimately, most people just want to live their lives and try to be good to one another.

    We’re with you. Keep speaking your truths.

  110. I just wanted to say that I’m very sorry that there are people who are a) stupid enough and b) feel self-righteous enough to think that that sort of vitriol is warranted, or excusable.

    The important thing to remember is that for every 20 of these ‘throwbacks’ you have probably another 80 individuals that have been hurt by them, and who are willing to fight against them.

    Also, as far as fear goes, likely most of them are obese tv-bots who have nothing better to do than manage a parasitic hate-filled website. Likely the anger you’re seeing in their comments is just the frustration garnered from the recognition of their own uselessness.

    Keep rocking.

  111. Just wanted to add another message of support for you from a white chick. Your outspokenness is an inspiration to me.

  112. Keep fighting the good fight! You’re doing good, and don’t deserve this.

  113. Saw your post from jaylake’s LJ. Don’t let the racist jerks get you down. They will all move into their bunkers in when Obama becomes president. ;)

    Some days I’m embarrassed to be lumped into the same group as white people. Maybe I’ll just go with melatonin impaired instead.

  114. Just want to add my voice to the “support and solidarity” group. I love reading your blog and (most of) the comments. It teaches me a lot about how to talk to other people about racism.

  115. Just delurking to offer my support. Your words are important, and I’m grateful for your willingness to speak out.

  116. These supremacists and their ilk are beneath contempt. Hang in there.

  117. Jay Lake pointed me here.
    Having dealt with fucktards recently, in the past, and now doubt in the future as well, I’m sorry to see them harrassing you.

    Just remember to not let them get you down, but to your pissed off for good. ( If that makes sense. I’m home sick, so sorry if I’m not a 100% coherent).

    You can add me to the list of support and solidarity.

  118. I’ve enjoyed this blog for some time. The strong opinions and debate found here should not be silenced, by the chorus of jackasses whose intelligence keeps them from appreciating the discussion going on. Stay strong ABW!

  119. you have my unwavering support abw.. i may not know what it is truly like over there however there are experiences shared..
    knowledge is power…
    know your enemy..

  120. I’m sorry the asshole morons have fixated on you. Hopefully something new will distract them soon, like a shiny piece of tin foil or something. Yay for you for not letting them drive you away.

    You want to hear something weird? The times I get the most anti-Semitic comments — not subtly antisemitic, but all-out-hateful “you stupid kike” antisemitic — is when I draw cartoons criticizing white racism. I’ve never gotten as much anti-Semitic hate mail as I did after this cartoon came out.

  121. Oh, to everyone who says racism is a thing of the past….

    But I do believe that there are more of us than there are of them. And they are getting older and will die off soon. ;)

  122. (here via Jay Lake’s lj)

    More support here, from the UK. I hate that you have to read their bile, but if you’re pissing the bigots off that much you must be doing *something* right! Stay angry, stay eloquent; your supporters vastly outnumber these racist idiots.

  123. Jay Lake posted about this, and I thought I’d come over to let you know I support you. Voices like yours must not be silenced, we need to speak out against injustice and prejudice and hate.

  124. I dunno about these thugs, but I’m a twenty-year-old white guy in upper New York who reads this blog daily. I’ve got nothing but support for you, and don’t let the jackasses get you down…I am deeply sorry that you have to deal with this kind of shit.

  125. Just dropped in from another LJ to register support. These guys love to make noise and then drop back into the internet. They are vocal because they know they’re on the losing side of history. In a few generations, their particular brand of obscenity will be about as relevant as the Flat Earth Society.

    Venom is venom but the white supremacy they advocate is already gravely wounded. That’s not to say that white supremacy won’t exist in other forms, but they themselves will be irrelevant to the struggles of the future.

    They know this to be true. We know it to be true. All we’re doing now is sweeping up the broken glass and deciding where to put the trash.


  126. (sends e-hugs)
    I love the smell of pwned bigots in the morning…

  127. I got here via an LJ link from Jay Lake. I don’t know you, but my partner was recently flamed on the internet although in a similar way (although not an issue with anywhere near the reach this issue has.) It’s painful even though the perps are so stupid. Maybe because they are.

    At any rate, I’m with your right & your call to BLOCK THEM ALL. It’s your blog, it’s your country, and you are absolutely in the right on all fronts here.

    I’m a mother of two biracial children and I thank you for getting angry and saying so and doing something about it in your sphere of influence.

  128. I followed a link to get here, and just want to add my support along with everyone else’s. My grandmother had a saying–if everyone likes you, you’re doing it wrong. The fact that these assholes are coming over here in droves just goes to show that you’re doing something very, very right.

    Thank you for not being silent.

  129. Support from another corner! I am personally sorry that you are personally dealing with this.

  130. God, this is awful.

    Sympathy & solidarity!!

  131. […] April 8, 2008 From The Angry Black Woman: […]

  132. Got this link from Prometheus6, and I’m here to register some support for you. I don’t know why the racist trolls are trying to raise the blood pressure, but you hang in there. For all the positive you do, don’t let those folks get you down. The people who come to read you get you and those that respectfully disagree with you are as pissed as those of us who agree with you, because foul is foul.

  133. Want me to help with moderation? I don’t know if I can technically do it, but (cracks knuckles) I would LOOOVE to kill these morons idiocy with a gleeful cackle.

  134. I want to express my sympathy and support for you. I’ve been lurking for a while because I find your posts interesting but I’m my excessively shy even via the internet. But I can’t not post when something like this is happening. I’ve tried to come up with a fitting message of sympathy, encouragement, and hope, but everything I think of strikes me as inadequate.

    I support you, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

  135. Long live ABW! Fuck Stormfront Losers!

    I’m digging the fact that we’ve turned this strange situation into a party on the flabby backs of those flaccid morons. Thank you, white people, for giving us racist tools who give us an excuse to party!

  136. ABW, I love what you blog about and that you don’t back down. Keep fighting the good fight, and fuck the haters.

  137. is there a way to block their IP address?

  138. How INFURIATING!!!! I’m sorry these asschapeaus are wasting your time and energy. This is YOUR space.

    :) RBG

  139. Just come over here via a link at Amptoons. I don’t know how to say ‘fuck those people’ strongly enough. Your website is awesome, and I’m very glad to have found it, though it’s unfortunate that it was as a result of such suckiness. Please keep it up.

  140. Thank you for speaking! We need voices. Thank you for not being silenced. I’m not a comment leaver, but it’s important for you to know that you are not alone. There are more kind, loving people in the world than there are people like *them*

  141. stay strong!

  142. I am so sorry these coward assholes have made you a target… I hope they do not silence you.



  143. This happened to me last summer, probably the same people. They picked up one of my blog posts as ‘news’ on their site, and we were off. I was scared initially, but when I finally figured out what their drill was (the scare and silence stuff) I got angry instead. What do they know about multiracial people and multiracial families? What do they know about POC? Nothing. And they weren’t going to threaten and scare me into silence. It also made me recheck all my security settings, and reconsider the information and photos I had online.

    Your voice is so important. They have already succeeded in silencing so many others. Keep up the good work ABW, and know that there are many others walking and working alongside you, some of whom have been down this same ugly road.

    Peace and Blessings,

  144. Hey – I’m new here, and I just wanted to offer support. Don’t let the racist pigs get you down!

  145. ABW, I am thinking of you. When they get tired of this, they will still be inarticulate cowards, and you will still be a courageous woman who says what she thinks and can move the minds and hearts of others.


  146. I’m not a regular reader, but I did want to add my voice to the chorus of support. As a white person, I think that you’re right; it is shit like this that gives white people a bad name.

    I’ve gotten some pretty nasty influxes of trolls calling me every misogynist name in the book, almost reducing me to tears and keeping me up at night. This honestly sounds much, much worse, and so I wish you well. If there’s anything that the rest of us in the blogging community can do, I hope you’ll let us know.

  147. Hi ABW. It is awful to have one’s blog harrassed. Stay strong!

  148. You are courageous. Go for it!

    I’m sorry about the asshats. Stupid jerks.

  149. THey are small and we are large. You impress me daily, ABW. Anything I can do to help, let me know.

    You haters, go away. You’re boring and tedious. We’ve got a powerful awesome world to build and with people like ABW, it will happen!

  150. on your side, ABW.

  151. Don’t give up. The hateful insults you’re getting say more about the cowardice and insecurity of these so-called men than anything else.

    I will be eternally grateful for the time you have taken to help my clueless white self. If you need anything you got it.

  152. I read this blog everyday, but very rarely comment. But, I think it’s probably time for me to come out of lurking to say that I admire you very much, and admire that you’re not going to let this backward assholes push you into ~flouncing~.

    It’s a bit ridiculous that they think that they can.

  153. I’m sorry you’ve gotten such a response, but a fierce reaction like that just means that they recognize some truth and strength in your words.

    …or maybe they are just militant trolls?

    Anyways, I just found a link to your journal, read your “Thank you White People” post and comments, thought it was brilliant, and had to subscribe to your feed.

  154. Here’s more love being sent your way! I love your blog. Stupidity only adds to the anger!

  155. Here via Brownfemipower. I don’t have much to add to the positive comments already made upthread, but I do want to voice my support for you. As others have said, if you’re pissing those people off, you’re doing something right! Stay strong, stay loud, and don’t let the bastards grind you down!

  156. THANK YOU ABW and the rest of this righteous and right-on blog community…THANK YOU for your ANGER, insight, courage, insistence and truth-telling. Thank you for your work in fighting cowardly ignorant racism that is a cancer plaguing this nation and world, one which we all must work to eradicate.

    I have come out of lurkdom to voice my solidarity with you. I read this blog every day since I found it and mostly am here to be quiet and learn but I had to speak up today.

    your friend and ally,
    a *sigh* white female living in Amerikkka

  157. Offering my support and positive vibes. Sorry you’ve had to deal with these assholes.

  158. Oh lord that’s awful. I’m really sorry that stuff like that still happens today. I’m glad that you went through your formative years shielded from this shit, and I’m sorry that anyone at any age (or race) has to deal with it.

    Given that I can’t stop people on the internet from being stupid (who, scarily enough, are also people in “real life”…), I wanted to send you my support.

  159. Their dirty little secret is that there aren’t very many of them, but they are everywhere, and they make so much noise that we think they are legion.
    You scare the bejeepers out of them, and bless you for doing it.

  160. […] of cool links to fab websites, I noticed this one today.  Seems like a sister is having a little trouble on the internets, so I’m just doing […]

  161. Fuck you, white supremacist asshats, YOU’RE the reason things are made more difficult for the rest of us white people.

    ABW, you fucking rock. Few blogs have been as enlightening and thought provoking as yours. And while our backgrounds and life experiences may be completely different, I think I can safely say these assholes are our common enemy.

  162. from one ABW to another, “Eff ’em gurl.” And I rolled my neck, too.


    They’re just mad cuz they wanna be you.

  163. You have my support, ABW.
    Hoping the tide passes quickly.

  164. *posts in solidarity ;o

  165. Don’t let the assholes run you off, ABW. They’re bullies who have ALWAYS used their hate and violence to silence anyone who refuses to bow down to them, and they think they can get away with it on the internet, too. They wouldn’t be throwing these tantrums right now if you weren’t doing something right!

    There are just as many of us who support you, even though we may only lurk here most of the time.

  166. Good for you for standing up to them. I hope you inspire other people who have been the targets of attacks like this, and I also hope the bullies get bored and leave you alone sooner rather than later.

  167. I had to add yet another comment of support, just because.

    I read this blog. Daily. These children are nothing more than SCARED.

    To the trolls that are reading – when you troll a person for their opinions, because of her race and her gender, nothing is more blatantly obvious than the fact that you’ve got a lot of growing up to do. Your white power numbers continue to dwindle. Scared? You should be. There is no place for scum like you boys in such a world.

    I use the term boys because none of you are men. Actually being a man REQUIRES maturity.

    So please, if it’s too hot for you here, there is always Antarctica. But I doubt that anything would want to tolerate you there, either.

    Your racist threats fall on deaf ears. You want to get loud? We can, and we WILL get louder. You will fail each and every time in your message of hate and division, and you know what, it will be well deserved.

  168. (linked here from Livejournal)

    Just wanted to offer my support, don’t let those ignorant bastards get you down!

  169. Constant reader, first time commenter here too. Think I’ll join the general de-lurking to say how grateful I am for bloggers like you.

    I really appreciate your blog ABW and I’ve learned a great deal here. Thank you, thank you and please don’t let these scumbags silence you.

  170. One voice among many saying that I love you and your voice!

  171. God, I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this. But you’re absolutely right not to let them spam your blog, and I am so glad you are not letting their hatefulness shut you down.

  172. I can assure you the hate you are receiving right now will be rendered powerless by the demonstrations of love and solidarity I see in these comments. This hate coming to you in the form of racist letters can only make you stronger. Stay strong and loud.

  173. Thank you for your blog. The nutjobs don’t deserve to even read it.

  174. […] it, there were 20 others wishing to drag us back to Jim Crow and worse. Then smart commenter Jackie said: Thing is, I don’t believe there’re 20 of them for every one of us (black or white […]

  175. Support, support, support!

    I think you should post their comments, along with their names, e-mails and IP addresses.

  176. Thanks to Eric Marin and Jay Lake for spreading the word, and MEGA-THANKS to you, ABW, for fighting the good fight. Your blog amuses, educates, and energizes me and so so many other readers. I know you will prevail over the mindless “stormtroopers.”

  177. *raised fist*


  178. Stay strong. For every one shit-spewing racist douchebag that hates on you for the colour of your skin, there are hundreds of people who support you and applaud you. You have the right to be angry. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to protect yourself from their unrelenting, irrational, rabid hatred.

    Go kick some bigoted ass.

  179. Not so long ago, I held beliefs that now make me cringe. The change in my worldview came in part through reading work like yours. Your work is important, ABW, and much appreciated.

  180. Bravo for not giving into their bullshit and refusing to be silenced!

  181. Sometimes racism is the only thing social and mental rejects have to hold onto. Sob.

    These people (and I use that term loosely) are actually butt-hurt about their comments not being published here? Don’t they already have a forum for their dumb hatred? As if there’s anything to debate … just shows how staggeringly brilliant they aren’t.

    It’s very sad when you realize how miserable and cold-hearted some people (again, I use that term loosely)are.


    *Raises fist in solidarity*

    P.S. Ana Thema: Love your name.

  182. At least they’re spending their time writing blog comments that are instantly deleted instead of whatever more damaging thing they might do with their time and insanity.

    Getting bullshit generally means you’ve done something worth getting bullshit about. Keep up the good work, ABW!

  183. ABW, not only are you my brain crush, but also my my role model. I’ve learned more about how to be a good ally from you than from anyone else. We need more people with your strength to fight these fucktards, and you’ve inspired me to do so in any way I can.


  184. If those are the peope pissed off at you, you’re obviously doing right. How can I help?

  185. Well done, being on the wrong side of Stormfront is a sign you’re having a positive effect on the world.

    Thanks for writing, you’re very informative.

  186. RickB alerted to what’s going on in here.

    In my opinion, people who come out with racist attacks are certified losers! Self respecting people do not take pleasure of bashing others inferior!

    But I also think if you have managed to gather so many hateful visitors, it means you are touching their raw nerve; and saying a truth that rubs them in the wrong way, and that can only be a compliment to what you are doing!

    why get angry at bigots? Anger’s to be saved for those who dress their hatred in politically correct attire, the likes of BillyHilly Clintons for example!! Their racism is FAR more devastating than the deprived white supremacist that dares not have a face or a voice in public, as he knows his blunt misery will discredit him right off!

  187. i’m so glad that those jerks won’t win and make this blog stop. i’ve learnt a lot from your writing, and sometimes when i’m talking to people and trying to explain things to them, i just have to point them to posts in this blog, because you say things so on point.

    been a lot of hate lately coming from certain ignorant people, and it can feel pretty helpless on the bad side of that. there are many more of us with you though!

  188. […] Nothing Says Internet Popularity Like « The Angry Black Woman “This is the kind of thing that turns people militant. This is the kind of thing that makes people scared for their well being. This is the kind of thing that silences voices, and I cannot lay any blame on anyone who chooses silence in the face of this.” (tags: blogs feminism gender racism race internet assholes blogging silencing harassment) […]

  189. Offering more support here. I must start commenting more often.

  190. I’m a white guy from freakin’ Idaho, and as long as I’ve been reading your blog, I don’t think I’ve seen you say a single thing I didn’t agree with or at least respect.


  191. Oh charming. Yeah, this is the sort of thing that really wakes you up to the fucked side of the Internet, I’m really sorry. Hey, go back to your tinfoil compound, you hateful losers, no one’s fucking interested.

  192. delurking to say…stay strong. thank you for all you write.

  193. “I think you should post their comments, along with their names, e-mails and IP addresses.”

    Indeed… pull a Cho on ’em… let’s see how “proud” they truly are of their filth.

    And ya’ll know normal white people want absolutely nothing to do with your ilk, right Stormfronters? That’s gotta sting.

  194. I just want to add one more to the “cheering you on” section. Stay strong, ABW! Thanks for a great blog! I hope this anger inspires you to write and blog even more.

  195. Bravo, AWB and Nora and Karynthia!!! I have loved your blog for years, though I only started commenting within the last one. You were my entre into the Women of Color blogs (which massively rule and are fantastic and wonderful) on the net, something I will always be grateful for. I love the articles you guys write because I always learn so much.

    Stay strong!!! And I’m sorry assholes of the same ancestry as mine are such assholes. 8(

  196. another de-lurker, you are amazing and stay strong. hate really is a cancer, and it will eat them up before you.

  197. Just in awe of all the love being shown here!

    **feeling warm and fuzzy! ^_^

  198. You probably know this, but it never hurts to hear it – you’ve got my admiration and my full support, as always, ABW.

  199. You’re awesome. Fuck them.

  200. I’m appalled to hear that this is happening to you. Though this is my first time visiting your blog and reading your words, I really feel for you — just to reiterate the near-two hundred comments above.

    Don’t let the haters get you down; they have nothing valuable between their ears anyway.

  201. […] their fury over circuits finding real targets for their rage. We saw a little of this when the Angry Black Woman was targeted by a white supremicist site. Undoubtably manned and staffed by people who feel that the […]

  202. I think you’re wonderful and I admire your spirit and spleen. I think you’re a great writer and I respect your voice, mind, and heart.

  203. Stay strong, I really admire what you do for us.

    – an angry brown woman


    I admire you, please keep at it and keep on refusing to be silenced and shamed by these assholes. I’m angry too. We need an army of angry women of all colors, shapes, and sizes. You’re an inspiration and we need your voice…don’t ever shut the fuck up!

  205. […] an interesting post and it’s follow-up. I have nothing to add except that it makes me sad that such a great blogger is getting shit for […]

  206. I’m sorry that the asswipes have put you through such a day – and I really hope you don’t fall silent because of it.

  207. I HAVE visited Stormfront. *shudders* They’re seriously mentally ill. It’s impossible for them to think that maybe, just maybe, women are equal to men and non-WASPS to WASPS, but they’re totally willing to believe that 9/11 was pulled off by the Jews and then covered up by the Jew media. D: It’s more than a little embarassing to share a race with those people.

  208. Hey, I just came to your blog for the first time today (pointed here by Sudy and belledamme).

    I’m sorry to see this happening to you.

    Stay angry. Anger is good.

    Stormfront asswipes: You don’t represent me.

  209. Gah, really can’t come up with any purple prose or florid poetics!

    But I want to try and thank you immensely for creating and maintaining this blog. For you and other posters and commentators who intentionally and unintentionally introduced me to the greater world of radicalized, militant, etc. PoC that didn’t make me feel I was alone, taught me how to speak up/out, conceptualize what I was seeing and enduring, and how to cope, navigate and try to change it.

    I don’t fully remember how I came across this joint, which was my gateway (though I remember which post it was), but I do know that either way, whether or not this blog remains, or very existence and willing to talk shows the genetic trash that they, their beliefs, action and ilk never had and never will have a place in this and a better world.

    And I thank you for inciting me to be a part of the building effort.

  210. Just another note of support. I unfortunately have had to spend time around a few racist assholes and the plain truth of the matter is that these idiots have nothing to contribute to society and they are terrified of those who do. The only thing they have to hold onto is some bullshit idea of the superiority of their “race” and when they are confronted with strong, powerful words of truth (like yours) that put the lie to that idea they froth at the mouth. I pity them, so eaten up by hate and fear. What miserable lives they must lead.

    I’ m sorry you had to go through this. Just remember, they’re angry because they know you’re RIGHT and they can’t accept that because it means acccepting that they are weak, stupid cowards who live in a Hell of their own creation.

  211. Gahh, what a nasty bunch of festering, putrid assholes. Keep up the good fight.

  212. Stay strong. Feel free to post the SF member ip addresses. Whenever they link to me site, my stats get lit up like the 4th of July. I like to blog about the variety of locations that they visit from as a way to show my white friends (my friends of color already know ;-) how racism is prevalent in every corner of the world.

    I think your blog rocks!

  213. I admire your powerful voice and your refusal to back down to bullshit. What you’ve said and done is important — I can only imagine how many people you’ve helped get through a bad minute or a bad week by your willingness to say that wrong is wrong.

    People who hate us can make us feel so alone. I hope that all the support you’re getting is helping to overcome that.

  214. I’ve heard of your blog for some time, and am sorry I did not make the time to read more, to read earlier. In the wake of recent events showing how alive racism still is in the feminist mainstream, I having been reading more blogs by women of color and learning a great deal. I just wanted to post to say thank you, and to speak against the racists who want to silence you. I hope to become a more effective ally.

  215. You go girl!

  216. I only found your blog a few days ago, via your eloquently scathing “Thank You, White People” post, but from what little I have read I am already bowled over by your intelligence, wit and compassion. Idiot white supremacists only show how necessary, timely and valuable radical voices like yours are.

    And fuck you to the racist wankers! :P

  217. New reader, new commenter. Trying to learn how to be an ally. Thank you.

    To the racist cowards: shame on you. You do not speak for me.

  218. I’m sorry that you have to have these jerkwads spamming your moderation queue with their bile and hatred. You don’t deserve it, and shame (& worse!) on them for trying to shame, degrade, and tear you down.

  219. I only just found your blog the other day wrt the Allies Carnival – and was alerted to this thread at Fetch Me My Axe. I’m so sorry you’ve gotten landed with a racist invasion of your blog. I wanted to express solidarity with you; also gratitude for the prospective Allies Carnival, which I’m really looking forward to reading.

  220. I’m generally a lurker, but I had to pop up and thank you for this, and express how angry I am that people dare to invade your space with their vitriolic bull.

    Also, I’m not being clear: by “this” I mean “existing.” Thank you.

  221. I generally just read this blog but I had to let you know that I’m standing up in solidarity with you. You are amazing for publicly telling these racist fuckwit scumbags that you are stronger and better and tougher than them. I’m proud of you and I stand by and with you.

  222. Bravo, AWB! Those stormfront SOBs are a sunshiny bunch, aren’t they? I came across their site by accident a few years ago, when they commented on somebody else’s blog about racism, and they are pure stoneage nonsense trying to pass themselves off as logical. It’s terrible that they decided to come to your blog and try to take you down, but their views and spewing are worthless.

    Thanks for this blog.

  223. Oops. I meant ABW. : P

  224. Just wanted to say that I send you nothing but positive energy, strength, and a bit of common will in the hope that it might make it easier to move beyond the asshats.


  225. Go you! You are human, ergo you deserve a voice, ergo you have a right to your anger and your safe space, and fuck those who try to infringe on that.

    Lurker, recent new reader, trying to learn how to be an ally.

  226. Just another note of support. Don’t let the idiots get you down.

  227. Fuck Stormfront, fuck racism, fuck racists, I <3 you, Angry Black Woman.

    Noli nothis permittere te terere – “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”

  228. […] guy who claims to be a “racial realist” and writes a bunch of racist shit. Given that The Angry Black Woman has just gotten over a white supremacist attack, I’m pretty wary of any link between SWS and anything white […]

  229. […] when it trespasses directly on me or mine, or when it’s so egregious that I feel compelled to add my voice to the mix (as in, trying to act as an ally when someone is experiencing abuse). I’m not so inclined to […]

  230. […] what she was saying and why she was saying it; showed up and tried to make it about them. Stormfront linked to her blog, and white supremacists came to her blog to attack her for daring to have a voice. This isn’t […]

  231. Like you, I’ve not had to deal with any race related issues or derogatory statements until I was well into my teenage years (and not surprisingly, it coincided with my move to a larger more “Old South” locale) and it always saddens me when I hear of this happening — especially in our day and age. It’s as if people don’t realize we all bleed red.

    I know the title of your site is Angry Black Woman, but please don’t stay angry for long. Let these comments roll off your back and remember that it’s their unwillingness to move forward that mires them in their ignorance.


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