Just want to take a moment to, again, thank all of my guest bloggers and essayists for their contributions. Last week saw more content than the ABW has seen all at once in a long time. So before we dive back in to the thoughtful posts and insightful discussion, I want to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Last week Naamen started us off with his post on why he doesn’t like to admit he supports Obama.

Karynthia hoped that Super Tuesday would result in a clear front-runner for the Democrats — no dice. So, sadly, the long national nightmare where we’re told that black women have to choose between voting their race or their gender continues apace.

Angry Black Bitch had much the same complaint, and spent the day yelling at her television because ALL women of color are being horribly dealt with by the media.

Sokari posted a wonderfully insightful review of THE LIONESS OF LISABI that you must read.

And frequent guest blogger nojojojo kindly asks, again, for Black people to stop embarrassing us.

Saturday saw the first of many posts by black authors on the subject of history. I wasn’t aware of S. Renee Bess‘ work until I contacted her for this project, but now I’m eager to read her fiction!

Tomorrow we resume with the guest blogging and Friday there will be more author essays. Read, comment, enjoy!

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