Two completely unrelated things

First thing. You may have noticed there’s a new box on the right announcing the ABW store. I put a few shirts up and a mug since I’d had some interest from folks. Particularly for the hair ones. It’s a Zazzle store, not CafePress, because Zazzle has better quality shirts that last more than a few washes.

One of these days I’ll hold a design contest so that I can have more interesting shirts in the store.

Second thing, I was pondering the very excellent posts by my guest blogger Nora and thinking that it would be a good idea to bring on one or two more guest bloggers to drop in from time to time. And I particularly want these guest bloggers to be non-American since we often have folks rolling in here to tell us how brown people all over the world have it so good and I can only assume they are talking out of their asses. Plus, I feel like a global perspective is needed, now more than ever. I’d like to get away from being America-centric as much as I can.

At any rate, do any of you have suggestions on who I could ask? Any non-American bloggers or blogs that you know about? Also, if you are a non-American blogger and would like to contribute, let me know. Self-nomination all around!

6 Responses

  1. … wow. I don’t know any non-American blog(gers). Therefore, obviously this is a good idea!

  2. shewhohashope on LJ is Somalian and British and has been writing a lot of interesting things lately. Um. Screwy. I should be able to think of more, but my brain is fried.

  3. I like ghanageek‘s blog a lot.

  4. From one non-American blogger – great idea, will try and put something together in a couple of weeks.

    African woman blogging in a damn wilderness

  5. have you checked out they do some great blogging from a desi perspective and i bet someone over there would volunteer.

  6. By the way I created an aggregator of African Women Blogs about 18 months ago. It is not a definitive list as I used to update myself but since I updated the site I have found it difficult to get people to self submit their blogs.

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