In case you haven’t guessed, I’m Queer, too

We can meet till the cows come home and discuss how to “Fight the Right” without recognizing that in some cases we are the Right. Lance Hill, who directed the Louisiana campaigns against David Duke’s candidacies, told me that Duke’s campaign for Governor in 1990 was active in the gay bars of the French Quarter in New Orleans. Neo-Nazis could have access there because those bars are largely segregated. I offer this example not to say that Louisiana is an anomoly, but to say that the Duke campaign brought out a weakness of gay movements in most cities. We gay people look with justified concern at the way the Religious Right uses homophobia to divide, for example, the African American community, to persuade some of its church people to organize to their own detriment and destruction. We need to look with equal concern at the practices of our movement, our community, which are also the dry wood on which fascism burns, For many gay and lesbian people of color, it is every bit as much an expense of spirit to be in a room with us radical queer white activists as with the most hair-raising fundamentalist minister-just as exhausting and insulting. We can no longer take for granted the presence of our brothers and sisters of color among us, their talents and their resources. The arsonists of the Christian Coalition have lit their fires, and the hot winds are rising.
-From “A Bridge, Not a Wedge” an essay in Memoir of a Race Traitor by Mab Segrest

Originally posted by LJ’s ladyjax, who highly recommends the entire book.