Open Thread

So, the comments on the Transformers thread are now off. It was getting ridiculous with the trolling and such. And also the having to teach Racism 101, which is time-consuming. Nora actually has a day job, whereas I spend all day looking at the Internet and waiting for it to amuse me.

In that spirit, I’ve decided we need an open thread. Here’s a place where, if you really want, you can ask people to give a seminar on Racism 101. They might not, but you can ask. You can continue to talk about Transformers. You can bring up that Doctor Who thing (but mark it as a spoiler, please). Or bring up something else. Ask a question. Go nuts.

Don’t go too nuts. Because I’m going to be aggressive about moderating this one since it’s my post. Just so everyone knows, THIS is your one warning. If you get out of hand, you’re gone. Most of you don’t need this warning. Thank Hera for you lot.

This thread will remain open until Wednesday. Then I’m going to start talking about Harry Potter.

ETA: A couple of people I’ve been meme tagged!  I will get right on doing that meme thing later this week.  Promise.