When Search Term Advertising Goes Wrong

White Guilt on Sale

14 Responses

  1. I’m laughing. A lot.

  2. Wow. That’s funny. “Qualified orders over $25 ship free” :-)

  3. Wow, Amazon really does have everything. I wonder how it comes packaged? Maybe in that clam/oyster shell hard plastic where you almost loose a finger trying to get your purchase out…

  4. LOL. That’s funny.

  5. that’s hilarious
    also the name of a book being sold there

  6. Oh. Now, staying up late working, looking for something to entertain me and now I’ve spilled my late night cup o’ joe all over myself. Are they selling it on eBay too?

  7. […] One of the issues that I have seen so far in my quest to earn $2.75 is that content-based ads can be very incongruent with my posts. My posts on Chief Illiniwek have resulted in Google Ads featuring sports mascot costumes. I think that Google needs a social justice filter. Here’s another example of search engine/content-based advertising gone bad… […]

  8. […] The Angry Black Woman: The Price Of White Guilt Hee hee. […]

  9. I bet you can get a used copy cheaper.

  10. Scarlet – while I have some used white guilt right here, I can’t offer free shipping :)

  11. Interesting

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